Isabel da Silva, RAc

Isabel da Silva, BSc, RAc.

Registered Acupuncturist

Mon 10AM – 3:30PM
Wed/Thurs 1PM – 7:30PM
Fri 7AM – 1:30PM
Sat 8AM – 1:30PM

Isabel is a registered acupuncturist who is a St. Albert transplant from North Edmonton with a passion for encouraging the self-healing process through acupuncture treatment, dietary guidance and lifestyle advice. During treatment, Isabel is most focused on her patient’s comfort and safety. Her goal in the case of every patient is to achieve affordable, efficient and natural relief or resolution of their health concerns. Isabel is open to treating a wide variety of ailments, although she has a special interest in treating and continuing her education in mental health, women’s health and endocrine imbalances.

Isabel is a graduate of the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Science degree where she majored in biological sciences and minored in nutrition. Following her undergraduate degree, she continued her studies to achieve a diploma of acupuncture with distinction at MacEwanUniversity. Her experience in community healthcare and capacity for empathy has been cultivated to a higher degree being employed as a pharmaceutical assistant for the course of her post-secondary education.

In her free time, Isabel is passionate about cooking, running, spinning, playing soccer, reading, exploring the world and spending time with my loved ones and pets. She loves to cook health-consciously and has been an ovo-pescetarian for 7 years! She frequents vegan eateries in Edmonton and St. Albert with a special interest in sustainable food and supporting local small businesses. Isabel is always itching to throw herself into new cultural experiences- such as the exploration of new foods, dress, ceremony, celebration, architecture and an unfamiliar history- in a place that is new to her. Animals of all shapes and sizes are her greatest weakness!

We are very happy to be able to add acupuncture to better serve our patients. Have you tried seeing acupuncture after your chiropractic treatment?