Cheryl Schenk

Cheryl Schenk

Admin Team


Cheryl is an integral part of our admin team at Sublime Health. In her everyday life, she is the usual things, a wife, a mother, and a grandmother. But Cheryl’s secret alto ego has more twists and turns from the norm. She boasts a motorcycle license and has owned two bikes in the past. She and her husband have recently upgraded to touring around in their 1977 MGB convertible.

Some of our favourite conversations with Cheryl revolve around her love of travel. She is an excellent story teller and makes us wish she would take us with her on her next adventure! She prefers to road trip with her husband when they can because it allows them to meet people along the way and get a glimpse into life in the towns they pass through. As she will tell you, her most treasured experience, so far, was a trip to Ireland. Its beautiful people and countryside would bring her back in a heartbeat.

With her gift for stories, it is no surprise to hear that Cheryl is also a writer. She independently published a children’s book several years ago, “Little Synni’s Moonlight Mischief – A Stibil Forest Adventure”. She has written some poetry and short stories and was again published, this time in an anthology called ‘Never Light a Match in the Outhouse, Funny Stories from Cottage Country’. She is currently attempting to write a novel (she tells us this through gritted teeth). We have a copy of “Little Synni” here at the clinic for you to enjoy while you wait!

We are very excited that Cheryl chose to join our team. Her smiling face at the front desk is the perfect way to begin your visit at Sublime Health!