Pediatric Care

Anyone with a body can benefit from chiropractic care so of course we love treating kids! Babies have a lot going on! Did you know the spine grows more than 50% in the first year of life?! That’s huge! Think of the impact a small injury, restriction, or imbalance might have if left untreated during such a big developmental period. 
Childhood is the most active period of our lives. The first few years come with so many bumps and falls as our kids learn to crawl, walk, etc. When joints (spinal, cranial, or otherwise) are not moving properly, they can irritate the nervous system. Since the nervous system runs your child’s body, this often leads to dysfunction. In kiddos, this manifests differently than adults- they also can’t tell us when something hurts so they might cry to try to communicate. Ways to know if your baby is in need of care include poor sleep, nursing difficulties, torticollis, or hating tummy time. 
Good biomechanics are crucial as children age and join extra-curriculars. We want our kids to learn the right way to move so they don’t have to unlearn bad habits later.  For school age children, complaints of growing pains, “rolling ankles”, clicking joints, or increased soreness following activity, may be the first sign of poor biomechanics and muscular imbalance. Chiropractors, as holistic practitioners, believe in preventative medicine as well as treating acute injuries. Early treatment gives your child the best possible start for a healthy life!