Amanda Hansen


 Amanda Hansen

Office Manager

Amanda comes to us from North Edmonton where she lives with her husband and two beautiful little boys. Despite being outnumbered, she loves being a mom and we could not be more grateful that she chooses to spend time with us as well. Amanda has been on our team since our inception in 2017 and she set herself apart through her fierce loyalty, her organization prowess, her insight, and her kindness. We are so proud to have her represent our clinic as our office manager. 

Like most mamas, Amanda is a master multitasker and is always on the go. They say those who can’t do, teach; Amanda puts this saying to shame. When she’s not corralling her son’s tball team, of which she is the coach, she is absolutely killing it on the slopitch field with her own team. Dr. Shandi tries to keep up while Amanda does double duty as pitcher and third baseman. Her athletic prowess doesn’t end there, she and her husband, David, play dodgeball and curling in the winter through the Edmonton Sport and Social Club. She says a perk of working with chiropractors, is that she has a whole healthcare team keeping her game day ready!

The clinic atmosphere suits Amanda’s friendly nature. Her smiling face makes even our 7am start times bearable. She loves getting to know patients and works hard to build positives relationships with each person who walks through our doors.

Amanda and the boys can be found fleeing in the Edmonton on the weekends in search of the best camping spots. Her bucket list includes visiting all the provincial parks in Alberta. Make sure you ask her about her 30th birthday present. She fulfilled a wish I think most of us dream of, riding and steering a dog sled through the Rocky Mountains!